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I personally find it helpful to quickly describe the action, but if you don't, void always voids the most recent action you took as a player.If you disagree with an action another player took against you, you can ask them to void that action.Go to the teleports you see people using often if you're in the lobby.If you've played for a while you'll likely know your character better, and how other people respond.Work it out OOC, void as required, and get on with the RP.Don't make a fuss about it, or people will be telling you to BTRP.

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You can be a guard, a merchant, an arms dealer, a prospector, a card cheat, a barkeep or anything similar.

It's highly discouraged you roleplay as an assassin or bounty hunter, as such jobs are non-existent today, and will be even more so in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. If you know the game you're roleplaying in, you're probably already well aware of the player concentrations and faction build of the server.

If you don't, pay attention to the chat and try to explore the map as a lone wanderer.

If someone asks this of you, please be courteous and leave your tall tales quiet for now. A character can't outright kill someone, or can't dodge bullets, and definitely can't survive a fall from the top of the crane in Crane Town and walk away with not even a scratch.

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However, if you didn't give PTK to the people actively killing you, and you've asked them to stop with no response or no OOC bartering, you -CAN- shrug off their attempts at killing you, even if that normally would be considered godmodding. This is where you jump into another person or group's roleplay in a faction considered unacceptable.

In the case of After the Flash: Rain|ATF 5, for example, the major hot zones are Crane Town and Fort Outlook, and they can be said to have a high player concentration. Last but not least you need to take into account the types of characters your fellow players are currently being.